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Custom Rainbow Welcome Sign

12h x 24w x 1d
Not Framed

Available at: Custom Welcome

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Select this option for a custom on stretch canvas, canvas panel, or thick mixed media paper. In the comments of your request, indicate a font script that closely resembles the lettering that you would like for your Rainbow Welcome sign, and I will connect with you to collaborate. You can also email me at "ms.karenau@gmail.com" to start our conversation!

When you purchase one of these original, individually hand-painted Welcome signs, you are indicating to the world that you show support for people from all walks of life, 2SLGBT+ folks included. Display it with pride!

30% of proceeds go towards The 519 on Church Street in Toronto - more specifically, in support of their housing services. Read more about them here: http://www.the519.org/programs/housing-services

Painted with acrylic paint, and black and metallic brush pen. Price is dependent on size and design.

Toronto, Ontario

Phone Number: (416) 560-1988